Web Development with WordPress

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Web Development with WordPress

Name Duration Files
Introduction to WordPress
What is WordPress?
Where to get WordPress
WordPress Installation


WordPress Updates
Understanding WordPress settings
WordPress toolbar
WordPress toolbar part 02

Mid Level

WordPress site configuration
Profile settings
Getting started with WordPress
Creating posts and pages
Creating posts and pages part 02
Posts and pages (wrapping it up)


HTML Editor
HTML Editor part 02
HTML Editor part 03
Adding media
Adding media part 02
Working with WordPress menu and widgets
Working with WordPress menu and widgets part 02
Appearance Settings
Organizing pages
WordPress plugins
WordPress plugins part 02
WordPress plugins part 03
WordPress plugins part 04
Working with categories
Working with categories part 02
User permissions
User permissions part 02
WordPress themes
WordPress themes part 02
Customizing WP themes with PHP/HTML
Customizing WP themes with PHP/HTML part 02
Customizing WP themes with PHP/HTML part 03
Adding widgets and menu
Adding widgets and menu part 02
Social media integration
Social media integration part 02
E-Commerce plugins
E-Commerce plugins part 02
E-Commerce plugins part 03
Backup site
Backup site part 02
Search engine optimization
Search engine optimization part 02
Sharing site
Sharing site part 02
Posting in proper way
Contents mapping systems
Mobile plugins and responsive themes
Admin panel and skining
Static front page
Backup to Dropbox
Custom login
Custom login part 02
Publishing the site
Publishing the site part 02
Publishing the site part 03
Publishing the site part 04
Overview of final project

Course Description:

WordPress started its journey as an open source blogging tool but now it has become more popular as a content management system (CMS). WordPress is built on PHP and MySQL. It is recommended to complete HTML, PHP/MySQL courses before going into advanced WordPress development techniques. WordPress has really changed the way we do web development. WordPress’s content management system makes it easy for developers to create rich and interactive websites. WordPress basically provides us themes and framework which help us to reduce coding effort. WordPress also comes with library of plugins. These themes and plugins take care of most of the coding for us. As a result, web developers can save a lot of coding time and focus more into the design concepts. WordPress do not require any knowledge of programming languages and non-technical people are able to create web pages with the help of WordPress. WordPress is a free tool but WordPress training courses are pretty expensive. Erudeversity likes to keep the training part free as well. WordPress aimed to create a free platform for everyone, but getting proper training lessons in using WordPress has not been as easy. Our free WordPress Training course discusses all basic and advanced concepts including WordPress installation, understanding WordPress settings, toolbar, WordPres site configuration, profile settings, creating posts and pages, html editor, adding media in WordPress, WordPress menu and widgets, plugins, categories, user permissions, customizing WordPress themees with PHP/HTML, social media integration, E-Commerce plugins, search engine optimization, and mobile plugins. At the end, we give you a walkthrough on how to publish your first WordPress site. Now everyone can become a Pro web developer. Our WordPress training videos are a comprehensive way to get started with advanced web development.

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