Advanced Microsoft Excel (Bengali)

Course Description:

Here’s a great opportunity to take your career and computing to the next level. This course will make you a full-expert in Microsoft Excel in Bengali/Bangla including the most advanced Microsoft Excel skills. The course is designed from scratch to give you hands-on idea of all basic and advanced MS Excel techniques including: Excel overview, entering data, formatting, formulas and advanced functions, security, graphics, charts, and vlookups. Microsoft Excel gives businesses the tools they need to make the most of their data. And when it comes to making the most of resources, and maximizing return on investment, this is becoming increasingly important. Firms are collecting ever-greater volumes of data from multiple sources, including in-store-transactions, online sales and social media. They need to be able to collate and analyse this information quickly and effectively.

Excel is an electronic spreadsheet program that can be used for storing, organizing and manipulating data. When you look at the Excel screen (refer to the example on this page) you see a rectangular table or grid of rows and columns. The horizontal rows are identified by numbers (1,2,3) and the vertical columns with letters of the alphabet (A,B,C). For columns beyond 26, columns are identified by two or more letters such as AA, AB, AC.

Excel spreadsheets are commonly used across business to display financial information and other data relevant to the running of the business. This could be information relevant to the customer relationship management department, sales, marketing or HR. With so many business functions now reliant on IT and the internet, Excel continues to be seen as a vital tool for administration and the effective running of a business. Excel allows business users to unlock the potential of their data, by using formulas across a grid of cells. Data is inserted into individual cells in rows or columns, allowing it to be sorted and filtered, and then displayed in a visual presentation.(Top 5 Benefits of Microsoft Excel, Microsoft’s website).

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